Enchanted Voyages

We are not cruise people.  We do not go on vacation to meet others, to play bingo, to gamble, to drink, to binge eat.  We go on vacation to be a family, to see new things, to rediscover old, to laugh, to go and go and go until we drop, to relax, to laugh–in short, to make memories.  Yet, we took two Disney cruises and loved them.  We watched the sea change color as it passed by, captivated by the wooshing waves.  We dozed on the deck, took strolls, and explored.  We hid from ports, owning the boat.  We made and hung “fish extenders” and traded gifts with total strangers we never met.  We were wowed by towel creatures, yummy meals, and gracious staff.  We saw a world premiere movie in in the middle of the night in our jammies and fireworks in the middle of the ocean.  We had an entire pool to ourselves one night while Tinkerbell played on a giant movie screen overhead and stars twinkled above.  We dressed like pirates for dinner and dancing and blended right in.  We karaoked to High School Musical. We swam with dolphins.  We met Jack Sparrow, graduated from sea camp, and played shuffle board.  We are not cruise people, yet there we went.

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