Rainy day

We set off for Akaka Falls in the growing grey of the day, but with ponchos in hand, we decided to experience the rainforest in the rain. Well worth it!

The walk through Akaka Falls state park is like a strenuous stroll through Jurassic Botanical Park: massive plants, unusual flowers, towering trees of every sort–all dangling vines or covering the ground with menacing looking root shoots. And, around every turn, water–roaring, cascading rapids that only hint at their source: two high falls–Akaka at over
400 feet and Kahuna Falls at less that hall that height. The falling rain (more of a heavy drizzle) really added to the experience, giving us a sense of being back in time as the forest grew.

From there, we headed to Rainbow Falls and the Boiling Pots (the swirling waters over the falls). The rain increased as we drove sling the Eastern coast to Hilo. But, the rain also created a more powerful, rumbling waterfall and really boiling pots.

Sadly, we were once again snowed out from getting a great view of the stars from Mount Kea (figures–we bring the snow with us!). So, we headed to Hilo’s legendary Ken’s Pancake House for dinner. It was oxtail soup night … heaven!

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