After the beach, we set off for our last destination before the airport: Volcano National Park (or for all our fellow Bjork fans–Volchano National Park). Of course, as we started heading up in elevation, the temperature dropped, the rain fell and the winds got even windier. (So, Ned took the photos with his waterproof camera, and I’ll add them later.)

Undeterred, we plotted three stops: the steam vents, the Jaggar Museum & Volcano overlook, and the lava tube. We blew through the steam vents–got it: volcano steam! We were saving our own steam for the overlook, where we stood right next to a real life volcano that helped create the Big Island itself. Remarkable!

Our last stop was a 27 foot long underground tube cut through the rock hundreds of years ago by molten lava on its way to form the shore. Early Hawaiians used the tubes (which are all over the islands) for everything from water filtration to strategic battle tactics to burial tombs. We used it to walk through while saying repeatedly, “This is so cool!”

If there was one thing to save for last, a Volchano is a pretty good closer!!

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