A Journey to Quiltapolooza!

And, the blog is back. Having finished four days of worklife conferencing full of meetings, presentations, networking & deal making, I’m running off for AQS Quiltfest with my (honestly better than me) quilting sister. Given the juxtaposition between the two halves of this trip, I just realized how crazily fitting it is that I’m listening to the Head & the Heart.

And, as H&H sing there were indeed “stars up above” as well as a massive, low-hanging white moon when I left my hotel in San Francisco this morning at 4 am. (Seriously, it’s hard for me to think of the last time I left for and/or returned from a trip when it wasn’t pitch dark. My iPhone alarms include times like 3:00, 3:15, 3:25–the last of which suggests how much of an efficiency science I’ve built around morning flights.) In addition to a really good, fresh cooked breakfast sandwich and a terminal filled with repro-mid century modern egg chairs, SFO also provided someone-who-is-not-me-and-who-I-will-never-be a full-on yoga room. Far out, San Fran 🙂

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