Let’s Get Our Art On!

We immediately hit the Art Institute–open late on Thursday.  It was the opening day of the Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity exhibit–huge impressionist portraits paired with the insanely gorgeous dresses that inspired them–no photos allowed, sadly. We walked the galleries til they closed. Then, we ended the day with a late dinner at Wishbone, eating more Southern food ’cause we’re in Chicago. Hoppin’ John, fried green tomatoes, red beans and rice, mac and cheese, pecan pie.  Awesome!!
Us on way to Art Institute:

The Lions in their Blackhawks helmets, ready for tomorrow’s ticker tape parade!

They kinda looked like riot gear to me.

Art!  Penn saw the Doctor Who Van Gogh episode come to life.  

Harper practiced her pose.

Penn compared Uruk-Hai armor to the real deal.
Millennium Park


Harper ponders

Dinner with catapult!

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