We Put the Industrious in the Museum of Science and Industry

No one does museums like the Kress-Davis family.  We show up when they open and leave as they’re kicking folks out the door!  Are there special exhibits?  We’ll see them all.  Can we participate in something?  Sign us up?  Are there games to play, movies to see, lots of stairs to walk?  Sign us up!

We saw  Animals Inside Out, a magic Fairy Castle, a crazy huge IMAX movie about the Last Reef (which made us feel horrible about wearing sunscreen while snorkling), the real U505 German Sub, chicks being hatched, and tornadoes and tsunamis being formed.  We made our own toys, danced in slow motion, ran in fast motion, simulated earthquakes and landslides, visualized our DNA, and trained to be submariners, and charted international airline routes.  In short, we spent about 7 hours at MSI-Chicago and still missed stuff.  Here are some highlights:

We love museums!!!!

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