Saying So Long

On our last day, we slept in a bit, knowing we were off to The Little Goat Diner for lunch.  While our schedule never allowed us to get into Chitown’s must-eat The Girl and the Goat, we got in at the better place anyway (says Ned).  Well, we did score a prime booth at the open window in Stephanie’s cooler than cool and crazy delicious diner.  We ate fried pickles and pickled onion rings, tomato & apple soup, Kalbi ribs, pulled pork, and wing style burgers.  So good!

From there, we set off for a short trip to the Field Museum, taking in an exhibit on the Cave Paintings of Lascaux, a trip through an ancient Memphis marketplace, an encounter with mandating lions, a room full of priceless gems, the iconic Sue the T-Rex, and a great exhibit on Bioluminescence that Ned and the kids caught last summer at AMNH while I was in meetings (told you we love museums!).  Of course, there wasn’t enough time to do it all, but we didn’t do too bad 🙂

And, we had time for more hill rolling!


Then, some Thai food before heading off to O’Hare.

So long, Chicago!

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