Let the Geeking Begin

So we dropped our bags at the hotel and headed up the block to catch the last few hours of Thursday’s opening of the Expo.
We walked right into the Doctor Who Canada display, full of exterminating Daleks and the inside and outside of a Tardis.  Plus, if you look closely enough, you’ll find Mr. Broadchurch (DaveTen) and a Weeping Angel, but thanks to the Silence, you’ll forget it all.

As soon as we hit the main hall, we went straight to the Lego booth, which did not disappoint!

And, FanExpo held treats for My Little Pony.  She got to meet Effie Trinket.

Faced Off with the Doctor and Oswin.

And found the booth of her favorite Japanese vinyl store: Mindzai!  They actually remembered us–see what buying mustache labbits and catcus cats will do for you 🙂

Penn found the new Lego Marvel Heroes video game and fell into a new universe.

And, it was the end of our first Dark (K)Night at the Expo.  Whew!

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