Off to the City

In keeping with our now one year old tradition of taking to the road for Thanksgiving, we set off from Rochester last night for NYC.  Or, at least we tried to … the blustery, gustery winds delayed our flight several times and left us wondering if we would even get out.  Our spirits were raised by the sight of a new Benefit vending machine at the ROC airport, which we took as a very, very good sign!
We had plenty o’snacks to tide us over.  And, Ned had plenty o’calls to make.  So, the delays weren’t a problem.
Soon, we were in flight, filling the full back row of the little United prop jet to Newark–bouncing our way toward the city.  (Note the cool iPad shot–something one can only capture when in the full, bus-style back row!)
Given we got in late on a Monday night, our trip from Newark to our hotel in Manhattan was fairly quick.  As always, we Hotwired our stay, winding up at the super cool Hyatt Andaz Wall Street for a “no one’s in the financial district over Thanksgiving week” rate.  We felt quite welcomed!
Our room was huge, complete with window seats and bathroom that included–according to Penn–the world’s best shower.

We even had a glimpse of the lighted trees below.

Sadly room service lost our dinner order, and we went to bed hungry and a bit disappointed.  But, we had sweet dreams that the Andaz would make it right.  Did they?  Stay tuned!

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