Couldn’t Be More Canadian …

After our night at Great Wolf, we were bright and sunny and ready to hit the water park once more.
After finishing the last 15 pages of Bring Up the Bodies and inhaling hours worth of chlorine, I had a thought … We should leave!

So we grabbed our massive game room winnings, aka a pair of googly glasses, snapped a pic with Wolfy, and took off.

Our soupy, sloppy, worst of winter drive led to this post’s title.  At one point, we were driving down the QEW toward Toronto, when Rush came on the radio, and we decided this trip couldn’t get any more Canadian–unless we had some Tim Horton’s.

Finally … Toronto!

I had Hotwired our hotel for $82, so we were pleasantly surprised by a huge room overlooking an awesomely empty Rogers Centre. 

We grabbed a fantastic dinner with the world’s friendliest server at our hotel. She literally drew us maps, gave us cans of soda for our rooms, and told us about off menu items. 

Turned out that the new Toronto aquarium was right behind our hotel and–like most aquariums–was open til 11 pm. That’s normal, right? Whatevs. Yay!!  So we got our fish on! 

We saw Octopi!

Imprisoned children!

Kelp beds!
And the most awesome tunnel of fish and sharks (SHARKS!) since Jaws 3 in 3D!

Seriously, it went on forever and held about a dozen sharks. Just hanging out. Plotting their next Sharknado, Canada-style.

This was one of the most interactive aquariums we’ve been to–that’s saying something ’cause we love aquariums. Lots of chances to touch creatures, crawl through displays, and pop up in them.

And then … psychedelic Jellies!! 

One of us went a bit too far in the jelly-rave 🙂

And after departing our late night voyage, we bid Toronto a chilly good night, eh, under the light of our mothership, the CN tower. 

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