Setting off … Eventually

This break we’re heading back to NYC to binge on culture and food in our home away from home.  Of course, we need to get there first.  So when our flight was delayed by 90 minutes before we even left our home not away from home, we decided to grab an early dinner at our kitchen away from kitchen: the Charbroil.  And, given that it was the Charbroil, at 4:30 pm, on a Friday, it was already pretty full.  Oh, Charbroil, how we love thee 🙂
Then, on to the airport, to wait. Unlike most folks at our gate (inc one woman happily headed to the Villages … the Villages!), we had no connecting flights to freak out about, so we were mellow.  Ever better! (that’s a URochester joke)

Finally, about 2 hours after we should have landed, the bright lights of New York (insert Alicia Keys’s voice here) came into view.

This time around, we booked a package through Expedia and wound up staying at the uberhip remodeled Lexington Hotel since our nonstop list of activities is midtown-centric.  Our hotel has a hashbrown, ya’ll!

And, spacey egg chairs on the mezz!  Note Harper’s abject horror at learning her chair does not–as promised–turn into a giant speaker for her iPhone. 

If the remodeled Lex has a spirit animal, it is South Beach.

This one kinda looks like a scene from a postmodern remake of the Shining.

Our corner room is basic NYC size but brings it by being extra stylish with a strong dose of whimsy and really comfortable beds. And, the windows actually open!

Given that it was 10 pm, we were starving.  The 24 hour fancy food deli across the street (aka the land of a 1000 chips) did the trick.  

Then, we ran across the street to tuck in for bed.  Tomorrow is a day full of Kress-Davis triple cray vacay: a killer breakfast at Norma’s, Bjork, and a Grand Central g-g-g-ghost tour.  And that’s just what we’ve already got calendared.  

Good night, city that never sleeps 🙂

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