Slowing Our Roll (Kinda)

I had mentioned a couple posts ago that I had a cold; well, it just kept getting worse, so on our last full day in Nashville, I suggested we slow our roll.  We agreed to sleep in a bit, head out for lunch, do an escape room, wander around downtown Nashville, and then hit the Opry Mills mall for a couple movies: the Shallows and a TCM theater presentation of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  For us, this was taking it easy, and I very much appreciated it.
Kress-Davis Avengers Assemble!
We chose newer Nashville hot spot Acme Feed and Seed for lunch and were happy to see lots of locals (business folks in suits) follow us in.  Like most of the places we visited, Acme’s in a reclaimed building.

Most of the restaurants on this trip were counter order/table service, so this must be a thing now.  We got an assortment: Nashville Hot chicken bites, housemade chips and salsa, Southern-style lo mein, curried chickpeas over jasmine rice, beer belly tacos, and fried green tomatoes.

It was a breezy but very hot, no cloud day.  We hoofed it to the Escape Game, where we had booked the Nashville game, taking in some of Nashville’s many examples of preserved murals, new art, and classic neon signs along the way.

The room we chose was a 7/10, so we weren’t completely surprised that we didn’t complete it.  In fact, when we found that there was another whole room to get through in about a third of our time, we were kind of surprised we were about 3 minutes from finishing successfully when our 60 minutes ran out.  Go, Team Kress-Davis!  We may argue constantly and listen rarely, but we get things done.

Ned wanted to take one more pass at Music Row, which is now composed chiefly of anonymous-looking corporate office buildings.  They are distinguishable by the banners each has out front congratulating their newest hit songwriters or artists but otherwise could house banks or realtors.
The blocks do hold some nice public art: Music City guitars!

We went back to Studio B to try to find the damage that Dolly did, but it’s long gone.

We said goodbye to downtown Nashville and its fighting scorpions and went to the movies.

We’d give the Shallows a solid B, Willie Wonka an eternal A, and the mall-goers riding odd motorized animals that are advertised to hold up to 500 pounds, a “you creep us out.”

At the end of the day, I could feel my cold turning a corner and could feel everyone enjoying another awesome summer vacation exploring the wonderful and odd corners of our great country.

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